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How much mem is low, exactly?

What is the target memory for the lowmem installation?
24 MB seems not to work.  I had the hope, that ca. 16 MB
would be the limit.  Some ideas for improvements:

1. Disable certain downloads/features.  IMHO it is OK to
   have a lowmem install with less features, e.g. LVM, RAID,
   other FSs than EXT3/EXT2, etc.  Who would use a 16 MB
   machine with SW-RAID? :-)

2. Let the user select downloads/features.  If the user does
   have SCSI, SATA, etc. why download the stuff and eat RAM
   disk space?

3. Let the user earlier create the partition table and the
   swap space (and acitvate the latter) and download other
   udebs later.

4. Use text instead of ncurses for debconf (lowmem is
   English-only anyway).

What do the d-i people think?

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