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Bug#250285: Usability: 'Start PCMCIA Card services' question

On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 22:58 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> 2. Starting PCMCIA on systems that don't support it (and even on systems that 
> do) may cause freezes and other unwanted effects.

Really? I have never heard that before. If it's true, it's still
possible to do detection of PCI-PCMCIA bridges.

> 3. Even a lot of laptops supporting PCMCIA don't really need it activated 
> during first stage installation (e.g. if they have an onboard/internal 
> network card).

But some do. And if PCMCIA is detected during the installation, it is
installed into the target system automatically, so it's useful even if
you're not using it as installation media.

> 4. In general I think things should be started by consciously choosing 'yes' 
> instead of by people hitting the default because they don't properly read or 
> don't understand the question.

In general I think things should Just Work, if possible. d-i detects
most other hardware and does a lot of things without asking (when run
with high priority) so I don't see why PCMCIA should be treated any


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