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Bug#249355: cpqarray module is not loaded during install (before partitioning) despite being recognized correctly


This was using the testing release floppies, the bootloader said it was Sarge. For me this wasn't really an issue (as I was able to work around this), but I must say that the first time I booted in normal user mode, it was quite odd to end up in the partitioned without anything to partition (all disks are connected to the cpqarray). Perhaps an additional warning to the user when no disks are found to partition would be useful as well?


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Martin Michlmayr wrote:

* Frederik Lindenaar <frederik@lindenaar.nl> [2004-05-16 23:04]:
When installing Debian 3.0 using the debian installer-based floppies on
an old Compaq server, the Compaq RAID controller was recognized, but the

Just to clarify.  Where you installing Debian 3.0 (woody) or sarge?

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