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Bug#248504: installation report

> Do you mean that after using
> taskel, it should not proceed automatically but first ask if you want
> to run any of the other selections tools, such as aptitude?

Yes, after running any such tool it has as a choice, it should ask if you
want to run another when you exit, each time, and have the alternate choice
be to proceed with installation. I accidentally hit enter out of habit so it
ran taskel for me but I didn't want to, then later I had to find a way back
to choose another option. It would be more convenient the way I describe.

> > 2. had a lot of problems finding a mirror that didn't error out on
> > package requests over http through proxy.  would be nice to mark the
> > ones in the list that are "certified" by debian to be up-to-date and
> > stable.
> I thought this would work with all mirrors...

I tried us.debian.org, debian.org, rutgers.edu and had problems with them
(lots of http 400 errors); I believe I tried a couple others and had the
same problems. uchicago.edu and udel.edu seemed to work fine for me. I did
not have any problems connecting to the sites themselves in a browser (also
through my proxy), but Debian was having problems. Also I remember seeing
"not in gzip format" errors (as if it thought .../packages was supposed to
be .../packages.gz).

> > 3. had a lot of connectivity problems with security.debian.org.
> ... are you sure you didn't have connectivity problems yourself?
> I haven't heard of any big problems with security.d.o recently.

Well, I know I was able to connect to security.debian.org in a normal
browser through my proxy just fine, but Debian was getting a lot of http 400
errors and possibly others.

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