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[l10n] lvmcfg changes

After some IRC talk with Joey I have commited a slightly big change.

All useless capitals have been removed from English strings
("Configure Volume Groups" and so on).

A few useless paragraphs have been removed also ("Please choose the
following actions..."). Joey and I agreed that they were useless...

I made my best for *unfuzzying* translations, assuming that all
translators have already done what's apropriate for their languages
(keep caps for German, remove them in French and so on....)

I also used "__Choices" for menu entries so that adding, removing or
changing some entries do not fuzzy all entries and so that translators
do not have to translate "Leave" several times.

This as commited at 10:00 GMT+0200.

Translators, please review your PO files for lvmcfg and check if
everyting is OK. They need updates anyway.

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