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Re: install from full CD

Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> While preparing a fix for the /media issue in discover1 I thought about
> removing this feature from discover1. IMO there are 2 good reasons to do this:
> 1) discover (Version 2) does not have this feature, so it will go away in
> the long run.
> 2) I doubt that it is really usefull because it does not add entries to the
> fstab and if you have an external cdrom the device names can change if you
> plug/unplug this device.
> However I don't know if there are some parts of the system that rely on
> discover1 setting up these links. What do others think about it?

If it's not in discover2, then d-i should not rely on it anyway. I have
considered making cdrom-detect add the symlink (in its prebaseconfig
script), which would ensure that the same CD is use by base-config as
was used for the initial install, if the system has more than one CD
drive. But I thought discover might mess with it. Apparently several
programs use the link so we cannot drop it entirely.

see shy jo

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