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install from full CD

Package: installation-reports

I did an install from CD using last weekend's full CD build, downloaded
with jigdo. There's a possibility this build could be included in beta4,
but given the problems I found, I doubt it.

The first problem was network configuration. It was not done, since
netcfg is not included on the full CD install, and base-config does not
do network configuration. Of course network setup is not needed for an
install from a full CD, in theory, but it would be nice.

The second problem was hostname setup; related to no network config, the
first stage did not set a hostname. While base-config contains fallback
code that asks for a hostname, it defaulted the hostname to "localhost"
for some reason (fixed in cvs), and only added it to /etc/hostname,
leaving /etc/hosts, plus probably other files with no or a bad hostname.
I think it's worth adding netcfg to the full CDs to deal with this

The ugliest problem was CD detection. base-config failed to autodetect
my CD, and left me at a prompt for the device file to use. While that
was not hard to type "/dev/hdc" into, /cdrom (and /media/cdrom) are
correctly configured in /etc/fstab. There is no good reason to need to
ask the user for a CD at this point; the problem is that base-config
currently depends on the first stage installer to set /dev/cdrom to
point to the CD, and this didn't happen. Just to make things really
weird, if I do an install from usb keychain on this same system, I get a
/dev/cdrom link. 

Ah, got it -- the netinst CD includes discover1, but this is not on the
full CD (which does include discover), and its postinst is what creates
the link. I've put a workaround for this kind of thing in base-config,
but not installing discover is also a large problem. So once again the
discover "transition" bites us. We need both discovers on the full CD,
and if there is anything else on the netinst but not on the full CD, it
probably needs to be added to it. Someone should check.

Yet another problem is that it is impossible to install X from the first
CD alone. While it has X libraries and some gnome and kde, it is missing
an X server, and it is missing x-window-system-core. Without this
package, tasksel does not display the desktop task.

Hmm, it's also missing the kde metapackage, which tasksel also requires,
though it has the full gnome one. And it's missing gdm, which the
desktop task expects to use.

Anyway, I don't think this CD is useful to include with beta4. And we
need to do some work to get it working and include it in the next beta;
it's been broken with obvious mistakes and seems not tested for at least
the past two d-i releases.

see shy jo

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