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debian-installer beta4 on mips

debian-installer beta4 has recently been released, and we are looking
for people willing to test this release, so we can use your feedback
to improve the next release.

You can obtain images for mips and mipsel from

Supported platforms and errata:


Installations on DECstations basically work.  There is only one minor
problem: both CoLo (the Cobalt boot loader) and DELO (the DECstation
boot loader) are being installed, but this doesn't cause any problems
(note that colo will print an error: just ignore it and continue).
This problem has been fixed already in our development branch.  Apart
from this minor problem, netboot installations (via TFTP) should work
fully.  Booting from CD-ROM doesn't seem to work, but you can try if
it works for you (and in fact, more feedback on this would be good).


Installations basically work, but some changes need to be done by hand
to get a bootable system.  Detailed instructions have been posted to

SGI Indy and Indigo:

Again, installations should work.  There is only one minor problem:
the wrong partitioning tool is started which does not properly handle
SGI DVH disk labels.  Immediately go to "go back" so that it doesn't
write anything to disk.  A better description of this together with
screenshots are available at http://www.cyrius.com/tmp/mips/dvh/

Please give beta4 a try and provide us with feedback so we can improve
the installation.  Thanks!
Martin Michlmayr

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