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debian-installer bugs/todos on mips/mipsel

I've been trying to keep track of the bugs and todos in
debian-installer for mips/mipsel:

 - boot has to be ext2 -r 0
 - check how long cobo-installer takes, and maybe add a progress bar
 - support installs via SSH, w/o serial console

 - boot from CD doesn't work (see end of #241231)

 - X can't figure out a usable config in an Indy
 - ideally, fix parted's DVH disk labels support (#239371)

Broadcom SWARM:
 - Needs a working boot loader in the archive
 - console=duart0 vs =ttyS0

 - check that / is ext2/3

 - debconf should output progess on the LCD (Cobalt)
 - don't probe for IDE stuff when you don't have IDE, etc. (I think
   Joey just fixed this in SVN.)

Martin Michlmayr

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