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Re: Sorted debconf lists (was Re: r14631 - in trunk/packages/countrychooser: . debian)

> mkshort exits with errorlevel 1. This seems to happen while working on
> sr translations:
> ls -ltr debian/short-tmp/
> .../...
> -rw-rw-r--    1 bubulle  bubulle      6605 2004-05-05 09:30 sr.tab
> -rw-rw-r--    1 bubulle  bubulle         0 2004-05-05 09:30 sr.short

OK, I got it. mkshort greps iso_3166.tab for all country codes found
in the supported locales for each given language.

When it comes to "serbian" (sr) the only supported locales are sr_YU

However, YU is no more a valid iso-3166 code and then grepping this
code in iso_3166.tab gives a non null exit code....and as we run with
"set -e", the script exist immediately.

Thus, I replaced:

      line=`grep -e "^$code" $ISO3166TAB`
      line=`grep -e "^$code" $ISO3166TAB` || line=''

and the script appears OK now.

No idea whether this is clean shell-scripting though...

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