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Re: r14631 - in trunk/packages/countrychooser: . debian

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [2004-05-03 01:32]:
> > Well, I have no other idea for sorting else than alphabetically on
> > language code. This was indeed discussed when I raised this bug (at
> What ever happened to the idea of sorting by ISO codes, which are
> probably easier to look for than English translations of one's native
> language?

Uh, no, sorting by ISO code is really not intuitive when the ISO code
itself is not displayed.  Sorting by ISO code but displaying country
names makes it really hard for me to choose the right country.  I live
in Great Britain (GB).  So obviously I press "G"... however, "G" leads
me to Germany, and between Germany and Great Britain, there are lots
of other names because Germany == DE.  When I press "G", I should be
close to all countries starting with "G".  I think sorting by what you
see (i.e country names) is the only sane approach.  Or adding the ISO
code before the country name, but that's kind of ugly.
Martin Michlmayr

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