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CD version on the CD? [was: Bug#247182: partman-lvm: Won't create VG during install]

[I am sending this only to the list.]

I have never used CD images and I dont know how to answer this question.

Anton Zinoviev

On  4.V.2004 at 15:23 (-0400) Matthew Barr wrote:
> This was using a cd of beta 4, 110 meg cd image.  Downloaded directly 
> from debian site.  It should have been b4, but is there a way to check 
> on the cd?  Just to confirm...
> Matthew Barr
> Managing Partner
> Datalyte Consulting, LLC
> mailto:mbarr@datalyte.com
> cell: (646) 765-6878
> On May 4, 2004, at 6:47 AM, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> >On  3.V.2004 at 17:41 (-0400) Matthew Barr wrote:
> >>
> >>However, all the "mappings?" are now set to Do Not Use.  No more /,
> >>/usr, /var, /tmp,/home.   SWAP is still there, but that's it.. the
> >>others have the partitions, and such, but you've got to go in and 
> >>reset
> >>it to Use current format, and mount at /, etc...
> >
> >I belive that this problem is fixed in beta 4, so I am closing this
> >bug now.  I suppose that you used beta 3 images, weren't you?
> >
> >Anton Zinoviev

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