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Bug#247182: partman-lvm: Won't create VG during install

Yes - feel free to to forward to the doc. people. Nice to be able to do something to help out, if only to ask the dumb questions :-)

So- to explain the second part- Assume you have a partition map set up, with /, /var, /tmp, /usr, /home, each on different partitions, and a large free area, unallocated.

You want to set up LVM. You take the large area and tell partman to use it all for LVM. no problem. You hit Configure LVM.

VG, Create VG, select the physical disk.  {Continue} Name VG.  LEAVE.
LV, Create LV, set size for LV, name.  LEAVE.
You are now back at the part map, with all the partitions that were created still there, as well as the new /dev/lvm/xyz.

However, all the "mappings?" are now set to Do Not Use. No more /, /usr, /var, /tmp,/home. SWAP is still there, but that's it.. the others have the partitions, and such, but you've got to go in and reset it to Use current format, and mount at /, etc...

You follow?

Matthew Barr
Managing Partner
Datalyte Consulting, LLC
cell: (646) 765-6878
On May 3, 2004, at 5:27 PM, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

* Matthew Barr <mbarr@mbarr.net> [2004-05-03 16:49]:
OK- After trying it again- it turns out that the arrow keys are only
useful sometimes.  You must use the TAB key to get to the continue

Ahh, yes, that's true.  Can I forward your mail to the documentation
people so this can be documented?

Also, once you set up a LV, you loose all bindings in the
original partition map.  It turns them all off.

I'm not sure what you mean... can you elaborate?
Martin Michlmayr

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