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Bug#247182: partman-lvm: Won't create VG during install

clone 247182 -1
reassign -1 debian-installer
severity -1 wishlist
retitle -1 [DOC] Document how cursor and tab keys work
reassign 247182 partman-lvm
retitle 247182 after lvm, all mount points are forgotten

* Matthew Barr <mbarr@mbarr.net> [2004-05-03 17:41]:
> Yes -  feel free to to forward to the doc. people.  Nice to be able to 
> do something to help out, if only to ask the dumb questions :-)


> So- to explain the second part- Assume you have a partition map set up, 
> with /, /var, /tmp, /usr, /home, each on different partitions, and a 
> large free area, unallocated.
> You follow?

Oh, I see what you mean.  I think I've seen this before.  I think it's
a known problem for which a fix is underway.  I'll test this later
Martin Michlmayr

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