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Bug#247051: Package: installation-reports - laptop /lvm root

* Gordon Heydon <gordon@heydon.com.au> [2004-05-03 09:28]:
> 1. Was not able to load up pcmcia network card.

Was this possible last time?  What card is it?  Can you please show
the putput of the commands lspci and lspci -n.

> 2. again when creating lvm disk pvcreate was not executed.
> 3. when installing on the base system the devices for the lvm was not created 
>    in the chroot'ed environment, so the kernel was unable to install.

Hmm, I'll investigate this tomorrow.  Did you run pvcreate by hand, or
how did you get lvm to work if pvcreate was not run?

For reference, Gordon's original installation report was #246445
Martin Michlmayr

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