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Bug#229128: installation

* Brian R Drell <drell@mail.utexas.edu> [2004-01-23 01:17]:
> Comments/Problems: The install went very smoothly.  I think that the 
> base-config could be simplified a great deal.  I loved that the installer 
> easily found and installed the correct drivers for my hardware.  The 
> base-config did not ask me for sources of non-free software, so I had to 
> put them in sources.list manually, as well as security updates.

The APT line for security updates should be added automatically.
non-free is not added by default anymore - it's only asked at a lower
debconf priority.  This is because most people don't need non-free

> Also, I had to hit cancel to get out of the apt configuration area.

Which apt configuration area?  Why do you have to press cancel?

> I'm going to try it on my regular machine.

Can you try the new beta4?
Martin Michlmayr

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