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Re: Experimental countrychooser branch

On  3.V.2004 at 13:56 (+0200) Christian Perrier wrote:
> But they have to justify it with real arguments, not fake
> arguments. The ones they give on their web site is currently a fake
> argument.

We are not in a position to decide which argument is real and which is
not.  We already know -- there are arguments for both sides.  I think
that for Debian it is better not to choose any of the existing
standards as the decision about the best standard is more or less a
political decision.  We should create our own standard.

I already proposed one option for how to proceed [1].

Another option is to create a new package gnu-locale-codes (I can do
this if you want) mapping the language and country codes to names
acording to the GNU locales themseves (in some sence this is the GNU
standard).  For example acording to the locales gl_ES and gl_ES@euro
the proper name of their language is "Galician".

Anton Zinoviev

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/debian-boot-200404/msg01629.html

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