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Bug#229325: Experimental countrychooser branch (was Re: Bug#229325: One msg still not fixed in beta4)

Quoting Denis Barbier (barbier@linuxfr.org):

> I made a branch to test some changes in countrychooser:
>   svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/d-i/people/barbier/countrychooser
> or
>   svn://svn.debian.org/d-i/people/barbier/countrychooser
> The main goal is to get rid of iso-codes for English country names,
> and replace them by those found in ICU, which are much more neutral.

I have already explained why I do not support this choice. ICU claim
they use ISO-3166 AND ONLY IT as a reference.....though they do
not for TW *without explaining why*. So, I do not see it as more or
less neutral than ISO-3166, but just less strict.

The TW issue is becoming slowly a non issue as ways of translating the
one and only name which is controversial in iso-3166 list arises.

The letter to ISO-3166 secretary will be soon sent as soon as I get
approval from DPL. Depending on the answer we get, we may decide
whether we deliberately choose to deviate from the standard for this
very particular topic. 

But, if we do deviate, WE WILL EXPLAIN WHY.....and do not do it
silently just like ICU does.

And because this will be a deviation from an accepted standard this
will be validated by our Technical Comittee.

> Translations have not been fuzzied (but I could not refrain myself
> from editing fr.po).
> Only countries/regions part of a locale in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED
> or which can be selected in choose-mirror are listed, which makes
> debian/templates half-size.
> The requested change in menu item has also been performed so that
> anyone can test if this is too verbose.

These changes would be interested to have in the main branch also :
restricting the list to the list of countries which are really useful is
a really good idea.

This is why I regret you did couple this change with a switch to the
ICU list.

> will test it tomorrow. When writing comments inrelated to this
> bugreport, please send them to debian-boot@l.d.o.

As the package has the list as maintainer, the list will get the
comments anyway.

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