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Bug#229733: installation-reports: installation asus m2400n with scsi drive attached

* Sebastian Henschel <shensche@kodeaffe.de> [2004-01-26 09:49]:
> Comments/Problems:
> - detect hard drives:
>   after loading ehci-hcd, the hardware detection had to be rerun. then i was
>   prompted to choose from the existing partitions on the scsi-drive. it seemed
>   like the ide-drive had vanished. only after cancelling the process, i got
>   back to the menu and was able to choose "partition hard drives", where both,
>   ide- and scsi-drive, appeared. "partition hard drives" was skipped after the
>   partitions had been found on the scsi-drive, while the ide-drive had no
>   partitions at all (factory clean).

Can you please try the new beta4 and see if it acts better?

> - partition hard drives:
>   i wonder about the use of "finish" and "cancel" (dunno exactly the english
>   terms used here, since german was chosen as install language). "cancel" is
>   somewhat the same like "prev" and "finish" is somewhat the same like "next"
>   which already exist on the bottom of the page.

beta4 uses a totally new partitioning tool.

>   + also there should be an example what should be typed into the field in
>     case some user does not want the boot sector to be installed in the mbr.
>     people unfamiliar with devfs do not know what to type in, then.

Hmm, GRUB is used by default now, although LILO is still available.  I
don't use Intel so I'm not sure if you can choose not to install in
the MBR.  Can you give beta4 a try and let us know?  Then we can
reassign this bug to grub/lilo-installer if needed.
Martin Michlmayr

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