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Bug#230241: installation-reports: Spanish keyboard doesn't configured

reassign 230241 console-data
rertitle 230241 problems with spanish keyboard

* Javi Castelo <javicastelo@ono.com> [2004-01-29 13:39]:
> 1.- Spanish keyboard loaded during installation doesn't recognize very
> important chars like ?????????. These chars are fundamentals in spanish
> language.

Which Spanish keyboard did you choose?

> 2.- During installation process I can see: ... ISO-8859-15 unknown ...

Where did you see this?

> 3.- After install lilo it ejects IDE-2 master but I installed from
> IDE-2 slave.

This might have been fixed... can you please try the new beta4 release
and tell us if this works?  MAybe this also fixed your other problems.
Martin Michlmayr

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