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Bug#229866: Package: installation-reports

Hi Martin:

I'm not sure if you wanted a personal response to this, but here it is.
Both of these issues are resolved in beta4.

I will file a regular bug report as well - there is a new issue in

Thanks for a great installer,

On Mon, 3 May 2004 01:25:15 +0100
Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:

> * Gary M. Witscher <gwitscher@sbcglobal.net> [2004-01-26 20:28]:
> > I installed twice, and after the base install the system rebooted.
> > The reboot failed both times. The last message in the boot sequence
> > was similar to 'Detected two usb ports'. My machine only has one usb
> > port. At any rate I simply turned off the machine and booted, this
> > boot completed and the installation process continued.
> Can you please try the new beta4 and let us know if you still see this
> problem?
> > I already have a running system and was disappointed by the lack of
> > consideration for those of us who do have running systems when it
> > came time to install the boot loader. I have no problem with lilo
> > (although I don't use it), but I didn't want or need to install ANY
> > boot loader and saw no option for avoiding the lilo installation (I
> > even erased the input dialog completely and it still installed).
> In beta4, GRUB is installed and existing operating systems will be
> recognized.  You should also be able to just skip installing a boot
> loader altogether... can you try beta4 and see if that works in a nice
> way?
> -- 
> Martin Michlmayr
> tbm@cyrius.com

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