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Bug#229963: d-i install report

* Itai Seggev <is+debian@cs.hmc.edu> [2004-01-27 11:55]:
> The installer correctly identified the ethernet card as an e100, but failed to 
> load the kernel module. It wasn't clear to me if this is because the module 
> was is on the drivers floppy or if there was some sort of problem. Being that 
> the e100 is pretty obiquitous, I think this should be fixed in either case. 

Can you please try the new beta4?  This should be fixed.

> I tried doing the second stage install from within the first stage install, 
> and aptitude, dselect, and tasksel all performed badly. They loaded just 
> fine, but the display and response to cursor keys were completely wrong. 
> Rebooting and running base-config again fixed the problem. 

Interesting.  Can you try beta4 to see if this is still there?

> I thought it was odd the devfs was used during the install but wasn't put 
> into /etc/fstab. 

devfs is only used during the installation, not afterwards.
Martin Michlmayr

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