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Bug#229613: Installation Report

clone 229613 -1 -2
reassign -1 partman
retitle -1 Should complain if root is too small
severity -1 wishlist

reassign -2 netcfg
retitle -2 it should be possible to stop DHCP detection
severity -1 wishlist

* Magnus Ekdahl <magnus@debian.org> [2004-01-25 20:05]:
> * Installing packages until / is full isn't gracefully handled.

I think partman should complain if the root (or root + /var or
whatever is used) is smaller than foo MB.

> * In order to get forward from the apt configuration I need to press
>   cancel. Selecting a source such as ftp sets it up correctly but
>   returns to the source selection dialog.

This has been fixed.

> * I don't have a dhcp connection and I know it. Not have to wait
>   would be  apprichiated (i.e a cancel detection button).

Hmm, maybe, yeah.  Good idea.  This is related to #237395: DHCP is
used automatically

> * Lilo configuration is better in woody IMHO. I tried to skip the 'write
>   only debian to bootsector' default config but it didn't work for me.

Can you try beta4 and say if this is better now?
Martin Michlmayr

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