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Bug#242958: cdrom-checker: several problems / md5sum for README.html incorrect

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20040407

md5sum for README.html is incorrect
If I run md5sum -c md5sum.txt from a shell on a d-i i386 Netinst CD, I get:
  md5sum: MD5 check failed for './README.html'

$ md5sum README.html
2c540198b02dc5492ad5161deae366e1  README.html
$ grep "README.html" md5sum.txt
73d7988165adaf1722ffafb4ba66b2ec  ./README.html
(I have seen this on a lot of builds so far and also on businesscard CD!)

cdrom-checker: CD is not checked correctly
If I try to run 'Check the CD-ROM(s) integrity' from the d-i menu on the same 
CD, I get:
The ./dists/sarge/main/binary-i386/Release file failed the MD5 checksum 

cdrom-checker: problems if run _after_ the main installation
If cdrom-checker is run after most of the installation has taken place (e.g. 
just before rebooting), it causes /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 to be unmounted.

This causes the following problems:
- If you answer Yes to the question 'Test another?', you get a message
  'CD is not a valid Debian CD'.
- The CD is no longer ejected if you next select 'Finish installation'
  before the system is rebooted.

I guess this could be fixed by testing if the cdrom is mounted at the start of 
the test and unmount it after the test if that's the case.

Hope this helps.

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