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Re: d-i oldworld mac: floppies fail on 4400/200 and 7200/75

Hi Rick,

On Fri, Apr 09, 2004 at 01:37:21AM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Errors like that are usually symptomatic of a dirty/dusty floppy drive.
> In particular, if the boot floppy is ejected, it means that the 
> firmware got an error trying to read it, or couldn't find the magic 
> numbers in the magic places that it was expecting from a real-live 
> Macintosh boot floppy.

The boot floppy is ejected after the miboot run (the little icon
with the penguin) had finished and few more seconds (enough time for
the kernel to boot and display the usual "insert root disk" message)
have passed.  Floppy ejection at this point is normal and could also
mean that the kernel boots fine, only that the local console is

> You should clean *both* the drive you will be writing the disk on, 
> and the one you will be reading it on.

That is the second attempt was made on completely unrelated systems
(both the PC generating the floppy and the Mac were different).

Disk was made apparently without errors, and cmp showed no
differences. (I was more careful with that after your last mail
regarding that topic).

> Also, buy a box of new floppies.  Don't use floppys that have been 
> sitting around the house for a few years.  They accumulate dust 
> over time and the oxide deteriorates.

Yeah, that was when I was shocked how (relatively) expensive floppies
had become now that almost no one uses them anymore.

I will buy a cleaning set soon, but I would appreciate it if someone
could test the current images (Holger?) on similar hardware.


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