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Re: Bug#242782: languagechooser: Give more hints about the way to navigate in the list

Christian Perrier wrote:

> Quoting Nathanael Nerode (neroden@twcny.rr.com):
>> Here's some English language template polishing in the form of sed
>> replacements.  The s/for seeing/to see/ is mandatory ("for seeing" is
>> incorrect here); the rest is just polishing.
> Thanks a lot. I'm afraid I'm always using that kind of way to write
> English...:-(. Probably typical french-minded english (literal
> translation).

Happy to help.

English has an unusually large number of different verb forms, all with very
specific meanings; getting their usage exactly right is among the most
difficult parts of English for non-native speakers, I've found.

Make sure your vote will count.

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