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timeline for beta 4

This may seem early, but beta 4 is closer than it may appear.

1-16 april	development and porting

We're in this period now.

17-22 april	string freeze; general development slowdown; porting continues

We'll need to slow down on general development (in trunk, anyway) during
this period, and begin to look at stabilising the installer. A lot of
stuff has been breaking, and making things harder for porters. Porting
will continue during this time period (might include 2.6 porting), and
porters can break the string freeze if necessary.

23 april	upload translated udebs to archive
24 april	last possible changes to udebs on initrds
25 april	initrd builds
26 april	initrd builds continue (slow autobuilders)
27 april	cd building, testing
28 april	release beta 4

We passed a nice milestone earlier this week, when the d-i images
autobuilt for 10 architectures. The lone failure was on powerpc, which
is due to problems with the autobuilder, not us.

We've now had recent success reports for all architectures except hppa
and s390. Arm and mipsel are notable additions. Hppa is blocked by a
libc bug (though there's a workaround), and a lack of people working on
it (right now). S390 is still blocked by parted.

Of our errata for beta 3, the following are still problems to be best of
my knowledge, and need to be fixed soon:

- hardware raid problems (probably fixed, but as of yet, unverified)
- alpha cannot install from SCSI cdrom
- ia64 netboot installs broken
- sparc CDs broken
- Arabic and Hebrew display problems (progress has been made)

Of the other possible goals for this release, these remain undone:

- use the new boot logo (needs to have the sarge version number fixed)
- a less intimidating grub install screen
- 2.6 kernel support

see shy jo

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