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Re: Re: Re: Must debian-installer use iso-codes package when choosing country?

> Well, I'm unfortunately pretty sure that whatever solution we find to
> this, some people will still think this is not acceptable as long as
> the solution does not implement their own solution.

I'd think so.

Is this passible iso-codes package offer a "short name" for the country code?
I mean, the name of "TW" is "Taiwan, Province of China",
But the short name of "TW" is "Taiwan".

In Debian-Installer, it always shows the "short name".
And what the "short name" should be depends on each translator's preference.

And, How about the "icu-data" package?
(Please vist http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/debian-boot-200404/msg00520.html)

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