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Re: Changing the wording of countrychooser main question

Quoting Bart Cornelis (cobaco@linux.be):

> > What about a : "Where are you" kind of neutral question ?
> second that, in fact the Dutch translation currently uses (the Dutch 
> equivalent of):
>   Where is this system located (territory, area, or region)?
> Im thinking of dropping the (...) part

I do no second that, at least for the english part. Such prompting for
choices, or string (the debconf types Select, Mutiselect and String)
should avoid using questions.

Commonly accepted guidelines for user interfaces and user input
recommend to use open "prompts" for this...

So, the correct formulation with your proposal is:

"Location of your system:"

...which is by the way too vague, as entities mentioned in the
ISO-3166 list are not "locations" but "countries, areas or

And we comme back to the current formulation...:-)

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