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Fw: Request for review of partman-newworld

Hello Rick,

Are you still planning to work on the manual for Macs?
If so, could you take a look at the text below, it looks like a very useful 
text to be included in the Mac-versions of the manual.

I think the text needs a little bit of polish (especially the use of 'namely' 
in the last sentence).



On Wednesday 07 April 2004 11:11, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> Aside from the technicals, I strongly believe that a note/help text
> should be given to the users as to *what* exactly is a NewWorld boot
> partition, and a NewWorld powermac in general. I know quite a few mac
> users that would just stare at the screen at this point...
> Something along the lines:
> "With regard to their low-level handling of the boot process,
> PowerMacs have been split into two categories, OldWorld and NewWorld.
> OldWorld are Macs or Mac-clones that used programs such as quik to
> boot Linux from their OpenFirmware (OF), with limited capabilities in
> that. The last OldWorld Mac series was the Beige G3.
> NewWorld Macs however, starting from the Blue & White G3, have had
> some significant changes to their OF, offering more flexibility but
> requiring new tools for booting. The new tools are namely yaboot and
> miboot."
> Just a suggestion, I probably forgot something but I declare this text
> as GPL so feel free to add/modify...

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