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Re: debian-installer: how much memory is needed (on other archs than i386) ?

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 11:10:54AM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> > > Is it hopeless to try an install with 16mb on ppc ?  (I could _test_ it,
> > > I don't have to do it ;)
> > What machine is that ? We could always try for a specially targeted
> > initrd for this kind of machines, one more should be no problem, and
> > since most of our package add support for almost all powerpc hardware,
> > there may be lot of space to gain. If you provide more info on the
> > hardware, i would be willing to give this a test. Is this acceptable to
> > you ?
> Yes, I'm willing to test anything on ppc I can test. But right now I've only 
> got an two old 4400/200s and an ibook. If got three 16mb ram modules for the 
> 4400s so first I'll test 32mb and then I'll test 16mb.  (Right now one has 
> 48mb and the other zero.)

Cool. It will probably not work out of the box though.

> Right now I'm testing doing an install on a 120GB harddiscs on one big 
> partition. To my surprise yesterday quik managed to install on that disc on a 
> 7gb / (root) partition, so I somehow expect quik to boot from a 120GB / 
> (root) partition as well. As soon as I know, I'll post the results here.
> As my next step I will checkout the d-i sources and have a look a 
> yaboot-installer to see if I can use it as a starting point for a 
> quik-installer. But don't expect that to happen before friday...

Cool. If any special partitioning is needed, maybe we could also make a
partman-quik or something such .udeb.


Sven Luther

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