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Re: debian-installer: how much memory is needed (on other archs than i386) ?


> > Is it hopeless to try an install with 16mb on ppc ?  (I could _test_ it,
> > I don't have to do it ;)
> What machine is that ? We could always try for a specially targeted
> initrd for this kind of machines, one more should be no problem, and
> since most of our package add support for almost all powerpc hardware,
> there may be lot of space to gain. If you provide more info on the
> hardware, i would be willing to give this a test. Is this acceptable to
> you ?

Yes, I'm willing to test anything on ppc I can test. But right now I've only 
got an two old 4400/200s and an ibook. If got three 16mb ram modules for the 
4400s so first I'll test 32mb and then I'll test 16mb.  (Right now one has 
48mb and the other zero.)

Right now I'm testing doing an install on a 120GB harddiscs on one big 
partition. To my surprise yesterday quik managed to install on that disc on a 
7gb / (root) partition, so I somehow expect quik to boot from a 120GB / 
(root) partition as well. As soon as I know, I'll post the results here.

As my next step I will checkout the d-i sources and have a look a 
yaboot-installer to see if I can use it as a starting point for a 
quik-installer. But don't expect that to happen before friday...


> Friendly,
> Sven Luther

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