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Re: partman (was Re: Removing unused d-i udebs from archive)

> On a system that I've already got an operating system installed on, that I
> really, really would prefer not to hose, I'm going to fear and distrust
> anything that uses the words "Automatic" and "Partition" together, and
> choose some other option that implies I have more control over whether or
> not I accidentally hose the partition that has my other OS on it...

I echo the same sentiment.  In my Hungarian translation of the "wizard"
strings, I used something like "partitioning helped by the Wizard" or
"partitioning guided by the Wizard".

While still implying some help from the computer, as in "guided tour",
for me the term "guided partitioning" means much more control on the part
of the user than "automatic partitioning".

Just a thought.


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