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Bug#242021: back to main menu after reading net-drivers.floppy (2004-04-04, oldworld ppc, netinstall with floppies)

Package: debian-installer


> I just tried the floppies from
> http://people.debian.org/~luther/debian-installer/daily-powerpc-built/curre
>nt/powerpc-small/floppy/ which were built (or copied there) on 03-Apr-2004
> 09:01.

Now I've also tried 
and get the same results as with 2004-03-04:

> Still no luck with the bootfloppy. Same as yesterday (but I only tried
> three floppy discs six times...) : The mac-tux gets black, the floppy
> ejected, the system freezes. So I took Jeremie boot-floppy again...

Only took three floppies this time ;-) One medium was faulty the other two 
diffed ok. Anyway...

> The new root.img of yours now works again, fine.
> But after loading the net-drivers floppy the installations get thrown into
> d-i main menu, prompting me to select my keyboard. Which I have already
> done, but if I select to choose my keyboard, nothing happens. So I continue
> with detecting network hardware, but with an english keyboard layout now.
> Detecting network hardware, then network settings works fine and the
> installation continues. Since the base-install takes about an hour I don't
> now (yet) how it will continue...
> So, should 241847 be closed now and another one opened for getting thrown
> back to the main menu ?
> (Installation on Powermac 4400/200 with 48mb ram)

So this is the new bug report.

The 2004-04-04 installation is still ongoing, with 2004-04-03 I still had the 
bug #241228 ("You are attempting to install an initrd kernel image (version 
2.4.25-powerpc-small.  This will not work unless you have configured your boot 
loader to use initrd...) which I thought was fixed with 
base-installer_0.066_powerpc.changes ? I'll add info to bug#241228 if 
2004-04-04 also shows this bug.

> regards,
> 	Holger

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