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Re: Translations and changelogs, SVN

Peter Mann wrote:
> i made 'dch -i' because of "UNRELEASED"
> may i wrote info about translation into changelogs?
> in some older changelogs there was info about not updating changelog
> with translation info - there was some script ...

We've switched over to that system entirely, please do not update
changelogs for translations anymore.

> -$Id: coding.txt,v 1.4 2002/07/02 06:53:46 tausq Rel $
> +$Id$

I think that this is an artifact of the move from CVS. The file was in
the repository with the line:

$Id: coding.txt,v 1.4 2002/07/02 06:53:46 tausq Rel $

Since it it marked for keyword expansion, subversion seems to treat the
line locally as being just "$Id$" when doing diffs, and so it sees it as
different from what's the the repo and sends the change. I guess that
will only happen once, it's got "$Id$" in the repo now. I saw this
happen with some other files earlier as well.

see shy jo

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