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Re: preliminary test of d-i on the mips board SWARM from Broadcom

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> First, I added support for this sub-arch to linux-kernel-di.

The MIPS support moved to linux-kernel-di-mips{,el} in the meanwhile.

> The standard debconf frontend is kind of awkward to use via the serial
> console.  While lists are okay because the current item is displayed
> in bold, the buttons cannot be used easily because it is impossible to
> see which one is selected at the moment.

JFTR, On the Indy it works fine, at least in a color capable terminal.
The only caveat is to select the english locale, otherwise it would

> I guess we should use a
> different debconf frontend, but I was surprised to see that no other
> architecture does that.  Actually, I just realize that perhaps my
> minicom settings are just messed up, and it's possible to turn on
> colour somehow.  I think I remember doing this in the past.  Okay,
> using "cu" instead of minicom, I get colour.  If anyone knows how to
> get colour in minicom, please let me know.

Might not help, but I simply use "screen /dev/ttyS1 115200" and it
just works.

> In the main menu, I selected "Select a keyboard layout", and chose
> PS2.  But then I was still on this point in the main menu, rather than
> on the next one ("Detect network hardware").

Which means the PS/2 config failed, no surprise since the machine
has no such keyboard. Selecting "No keyboard configuration" might
be more appropriate for serial console. Wasn't this displayed on
the SWARM?

> BTW, partman worked without any problems.  I would like to use partman
> as default for this mips sub-architecture, but fdisk for others (SGI).
> At the moment, this doesn't seem to be possible.

It might be possible to start fdisk from the main partman menu for
SGI machines. That's AFAICS the cleanest solution.

> Once we have sibyl, we can create a sibyl-loader udeb.

Maybe call it sibyl-installer. Or sibyl-udeb, if it goes to include
the whole boot loader in the udeb.


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