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Re: slashdotted

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> We've been slashdotted. :-) 
> More interesting is what they link to, people are doing usability
> reviews for us now, which is great: http://www.thiesen.org/d-i/index.html
> Thanks Marcus, we will take your suggestions into account.

Have you noticed the unerased dialog below GRUB dialog ?

This is related to a bug I already reported, but can't figure out
which package I finally reported it against.

This Bob User thing is exactly why I'm thinking about when I'm talking
about targeting other people than long time Linux hackers.

Marcus, you did a great job indeed and your comments, besides being
pleasant to read, are really interesting...

I would also add as a main drawback that probably most Bob Users do
NOT want their Windows partition erased and STILL want Windows to

Which won't happen with the current installer....there are already
enough bug reports about adding support for other OS : we need to
raise the priority of this, imho, instead of adding Yet Another File
System support in partman...:-)

Joshua seems to have ideas about this.

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