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Re: d-i: Alt+Bksp in text field shouldn't quit to menu

Package: cdebconf

Michael Wardle wrote:
> I just booted from the full Sarge Beta 3 netinst CD and found the keys
> doing something different than I expected.  I wasn't sure where to
> report it, so I'm sending it to the list...
> In the configure network phase, the Ethernet card was successfully
> configured with a leased IP address from the DHCP server, then I was
> asked to enter a hostname which defaulted to "debian".  When I pressed
> Alternate+Backspace, rather than it deleting the previous word as Emacs
> and Readline-based programs such as Bash would, I was dropped back to
> the main install menu.
> It's understandable if text fields don't fully support Emacs-like key
> bindings, but ideally they shouldn't exit a screen.

I tried this and it works in select lists too. cdebconf seems to behave
as if the back button or escape had been pressed when I press

see shy jo

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