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Re: Why is it so hard to build?

Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> 2. Documentation is broken -- build/README does not document
> that "make build_netboot" won't work.  You need to type
> "fakeroot make build_netboot" instead.

I think this should be fairly obvious to figure out given that it calls
dh_testroot, but I've made it call it a little sooner.

> 3. It won't build on this kernel:
>  mkdir -p ./tmp/netboot/tree/lib/modules/2.4.20-32-udeb/kernel;
>  if [ -e ./tmp/netboot/tree/boot/System.map ]; then
>     depmod -F ./tmp/netboot/tree/boot/System.map -q -a -b ./tmp/netboot/tree/ 2.4.20-32-udeb;
>     mv ./tmp/netboot/tree/boot/System.map ./tmp/netboot;
>  else
>     depmod -q -a -b ./tmp/netboot/tree/ 2.4.20-32-udeb;
>  fi;
>  mkdir -p ./tmp/netboot/tree/lib/modules/2.4.20-64-udeb/kernel;
>  if [ -e ./tmp/netboot/tree/boot/System.map ]; then
>     depmod -F ./tmp/netboot/tree/boot/System.map -q -a -b ./tmp/netboot/tree/ 2.4.20-64-udeb;
>     mv ./tmp/netboot/tree/boot/System.map ./tmp/netboot;
>  else
>     depmod -q -a -b ./tmp/netboot/tree/ 2.4.20-64-udeb;
>  fi;
> depmod: QM_MODULES: Function not implemented
> <joshk> willy: QM_MODULES: Function not implemented?
> <willy> joshk: Indeed.
> <bob2> known silly bug
> <willy> ... is there a workaround?
> <bob2> no, I've been tagged wontfix

I'm not familiar with this bug tagged wontfix. The debian-installer
package, which corresponds to the build/ directory, has no such bugs.

hppa is not using linux-kernel-di for its udebs, this probably means
that the kernel image udeb it is using does not provide System.map;
without System.map, the code path that passes -F to depmod to work on
a different kernel version cannot work.

Every other arch that anyone is working on in d-i has been switched to
linux-kernel-di, it's the obvious first step in getting hppa back in
working order, especially since upcoming libdebian-installer/anna
changes will break kernel module udebs that do not have a special
flag in them that linux-kernel-di provides.

I'd be glad to work with you to getting hppa using linux-kernel-di to
build its kernel udebs.

Ever tried to build the boot floppies?

see shy jo

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