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countrychooser translations broken by iso-codes

I noticed that in many languages, countrychooser's menu item is
displayed as a blank line. This includes Chinese, Japanese, Greek,
Russian, Norwegian. Some investigation revealed that this is because
mktemplates was is not set -e, so when debconf-updatepo failed, it
continues and built a broken package. debconf-updatepo failed like this:

xgettext: Non-ASCII string at ../templates.tmp:3.
          Please specify the source encoding through --from-code.
WARNING: It seems that none of the files in POTFILES.in contain marked strings

This is because /usr/share/iso-codes/iso_3166.tab has added to it the Aland
islands, excpet the A is spelled Ã?. I have put in a nasty hack to deal with
this so we can get a working version of the package again, but I wonder if
that file should include non-ascii strings?

Also, one last problem -- I noticed that even with these fixes, the generated
templates file has blank lines for the nl translations.

see shy jo

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