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Re: release status update

Sven Luther wrote:
> chrp, chrp-rs6k and prep will be working this time around, i think
> everything is there, but i need to fiddle the build system for it still
> to build the initrd images, but i do this already by hand, and
> everything is in place for it. This would use the powerpc netboot
> initrd. 
> the cdrom initrd is too big though, i will not have time to fix the
> kernel for this, so maybe building a new specialized initrd image with
> all the apple stuff removed would do, not sure though.
> The powerpc-small floppy target will probably not be on time. Jeremie is
> working on the miboot upload, and once that reaches the archive, the
> build system can be fixed.
> power3 and power4/G5 kernels and initrd are not yet done, but i will
> have a go at them this week, so hopefully that will be ok. Kernels for
> G5 powerpmac have not been tested, despite my call for volunteer, but if
> they don't work out, 2.6 kernels will be needed.
> It needs linux-kernel-di support for the modules, which i hear is
> problematic, and some volunteer to test them.

Unless I see patches in the archive in the next day or two for the
above, I can't imagine you'll make it.

see shy jo

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