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Re: d-i - priority changes

Bastian Blank wrote:
> The following priorities are currently wrong:
> - hw-detect(-full): must be lower as only usable on some arches.

Unless this causes install failures on some arches, I think it's too
complicated to get the dependencies just right to downgrade this before
the release. We would likely miss something and break i386 in a corner
case, or something like that.

If it does cause install failures or bad behavior on s390, it could be
modified as a workaround to exit 0 immediatly on that architecture. I
realise this isn't ideal..

> - usb-discover: pulled in via dependencies.

No dependencies, but it is on all of the i386 initrds, so I agree.

> - userdevfs: should never automaticaly installed.

It's on all the m68k initrds, but would not be installed for any other
architectures. I think this is right, since it's for 2.2 kernels and
only m68k is using such a kernel.

> - libuuid1-udeb, debootstrap-udeb, libblkid1-udeb, libc-udeb: 
>   pulled in via dependencies.

I think that libc-udeb is problimatical. Not enough depends on it for us
to be sure it is automatically pulled in in all situations. Again, I
think this should be revisited after the release; it certianly does no
harm as-is, and it works.

I agree about the other libs.

I'm also considering downgrading baseconfig-udeb, since only experts
should use it anyway. Also possibly autopartkit, for similar reasons,
and to save memory.

see shy jo

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