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Trouble installing debian onto a Proliant server

To whom it may concern at Debian,
I have a Compaq Proliant 8000 server with 4 Ultra 320 10k 72.8 gig scsi hard drives.
I had a guy from a computer store successfully install debian into my proliant 8000 but ran into some problems between my webmaster and this guy and this guy will not tell me anything as to how he got it installed.
I want to format and reinstall debian into my proliant 8000 again for a fresh install but for some reason Debian is not detecting any hard drives during the first part of the install process.
I have setup raid 5 array and a system partition using Compaq's Smart Start CD and still it does not detect any drives.
I have even wiped out all the data and installed the debian cd with no drives partitioned, no raid, no array config or anything and still no go.
Is there anyone who has any experience installing debian on proliant servers who could help me out with this.
I have done everything i know of to do.
I have no problem installing Red hat linux version 9, it detects the drives and the raid config without hesitation.
But debian doesnt.
dcpaq2@dopplerexpress.net or 708-334-5845
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
Doug Paquette

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