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Re: partman review

Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> How you did this?  So far all tests of partman-ext3 and partman-auto I
> have done were using "make TYPE=.... demo".

I build a hd-media initrd that directly included partman, partman-ext3,
partman-auto, partman-partitioning, partman-target,
partman-basicmethods, e2fsprogs-udeb. I also modified partman's menu
item number in the installer so it was used by default. 

> With "make TYPE=.... demo" I am unable to reproduce the bugs with the
> missing swap, forced ext3 and the strange /var/lib.  I suppose that
> they all have one common reason related to cdebconf.

Does partman ask the filesystem type at a medium or low priority

> > a 2.1 gb logical partitoon (#5) that did not have a mount point
> > assigned
> This one had to be the missing swap space.

2.1 gb of swap space? My. Ok, I guess that makes sense that that's what
it is though it seems a trifle huge.

see shy jo

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