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Re: [d-i manual] repetitious para

* Miroslav Kure <kurem@upcase.inf.upol.cz> [2004-02-23 18:07:50 +0100]:
> (BTW, these days every other major distribution offers ported apt-get
> or have some similar tool like urpmi. Do you think we should weaken
> the wording "most distinguishes" a bit?)

  IMO the biggest feature that distinguishes distributions is the
package management.  I mean, it's the same kernel, the same core
software bundled with it for the most part, stored in the same places
(mostly, depending on how FHS-compliant a distro is)...what's really the
difference between distributions if not the package manager?  The only
other real difference is the installer, which you only use once anyway.
  I think that's something that _should_ be played up...the fact that
users of all these other distributions are installing part of Debian's
package management system.  We should also emphasize that it's only a
small part of it...'apt-get' != 'APT'.  When you install apt4rpm, you
may get apt-get but you don't get the rest of the army of apt-* tools,
the existence of which is made possible only by Debian's stringent
package format QA process (try having a tool like apt-listchanges with a
bunch of packages that don't have a changelog format spec...).

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