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Re: switch to partman?

Quoting Konstantinos Margaritis (markos@debian.org):
> Hi,
>   it seems to me that there should be a switch to partman soon.
> partconf has many problems and some of it's bugs are left opened for a 
> few months. I, for one, have not managed to install Debian using 
> partconf (I fall into a loop and I can't assign a mount point for /), 
> I just go back to the menu and choose partman. Should it be the time 
> to make partman the default partitioner? There is no sense in keeping 
> two partitioning programs for ever anyway.
> Of course, that's just a suggestion...

I think that, at least, we should focus on improving
partman. Currently, it is quite complex to use and one rapidly gets
lost in the menu cascade.

Of course, for this to widely happen, turning it into the default
partitioning tool would help..:-)

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