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Re: Countrychooser changes

Joey Hess wrote:
Christian Perrier wrote:

The new version now first shows the user the list of the countries for
which a valid locale exists in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED, depending on
the language chosen in languagechooser.

If one of these countries is selected, both the
debian-installer/country AND debian-installer/locale are changed

I'm having a hard time seeing how a user is supposed to unststand this.
Put yourself in the mindset of a user who does not know about locales,
and certianly does not know about supported locales. All of the existing
(IMHO over-verbose and confusing) text in the two questions will be
ignored. The user will be annoyed if their actual contry is not in the
first list, and will go pick it from the second list. The installer will
do something reasonable with the locale, or not. The user will be
annoyed he saw two more questions than seem to be necessary.

I can't imagine that many users will read and understand the warnings, and
opt to pick a country from the first list that is not really their
country, just to get a locale setting that is closer to what they

A default one could be set (by default by the installation program).

4. Customised or automated installs would be able to pre-seed the
   language, country, and locale as is appropriate for their target

About automation, what about a program that translates the m$-Windows options in Windows partition into Debian options ( language, locale and so on). This is very interesting for migration user ( user with windows installed and that want to migrate to Debian).

The options from m$-Windows would be suggested like default in Linux.

This would be a Migration Translator ;)


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