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Re: Cannot get past LILO configuration

Eric Bus wrote:
> I'm currently experimenting with the Sarge floppydisk installation. We 
> are in the process of replacing our Redhat servers with Debian, because 
> of good experiences in the past.
> The new installer is a great improvement, but I'm experiencing some 
> problems. Some of them are already reported as bugs, but there is one 
> problem I can't quite place.
> Everything goes fine, until the installer asks to install LILO as the 
> bootloader. It prompts with
> /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc. This looks ok, so I press enter. 
> I get a black screen and after a few seconds the screen shows:
> insmod: init_module: vesafb: No such device or address
> modprobe: failed to load module: vesafb
> modprobe: failed to load module: vga16fb
> modprobe: failed to load module: usb-uhci
> modprobe: failed to load module: usbkbd
> modprobe: failed to load module: keybdev
> modprobe: failed to load module: usbserial
> After this I return to the same screen in the LILO configuration. I get 
> the same device-line and the only option is to continue. But after 
> entering, I receive the same error. The only was to exit the loop is to 
> reboot the machine, because there is no <back> option.
> It seems like LILO isn't succesfully installed, because rebooting the 
> machine prompts with the usual boot error (no bootdisk etc.).
> Any ideas on what this could be?

Looks rather like main-menu or cdebconf is crashing at this point during
your install.

see shy jo

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