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Cannot get past LILO configuration

I'm currently experimenting with the Sarge floppydisk installation. We are in the process of replacing our Redhat servers with Debian, because of good experiences in the past.

The new installer is a great improvement, but I'm experiencing some problems. Some of them are already reported as bugs, but there is one problem I can't quite place.

Everything goes fine, until the installer asks to install LILO as the bootloader. It prompts with /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc. This looks ok, so I press enter. I get a black screen and after a few seconds the screen shows:

insmod: init_module: vesafb: No such device or address
modprobe: failed to load module: vesafb
modprobe: failed to load module: vga16fb
modprobe: failed to load module: usb-uhci
modprobe: failed to load module: usbkbd
modprobe: failed to load module: keybdev
modprobe: failed to load module: usbserial

After this I return to the same screen in the LILO configuration. I get the same device-line and the only option is to continue. But after entering, I receive the same error. The only was to exit the loop is to reboot the machine, because there is no <back> option.

It seems like LILO isn't succesfully installed, because rebooting the machine prompts with the usual boot error (no bootdisk etc.).

Any ideas on what this could be?


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