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Re: New debian-installer build system

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> If you want to test it for your architecture, apply the patch from
> http://www.csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de/homes/ths/debian-installer/build-diff
> against the build directory. Then you can either run dpkg-buildpackage
> for the full build or use raw make.

I'd suggest a make all_clean before applying the patch. It moves a
significant amount of stuff around.

I've been using Thiemo's patch for a few days, and it is quite a nice

> - The cd_contents, cd_image targets are broken now. I doubt their
>   value, since it's hard to extend them to create useful CDs
>   (bussinesscard or more), and they only need to pick up some files
>   from dest/, which can be done by debian-cd in a better way.
>   The only exception is powerpc, which creates a boot.msg file with
>   values defined from the build system. I believe this file should be
>   generated always together with the cdrom-boot.img.

AFAIK, debian-cd does not currently use any of that stuff, and includes
its own boot files, which it also generates on the fly. So this could
probably be removed.

see shy jo

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